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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Apr 5, 2012 8:33am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The 'magic' of vinyl

I don't have my turntable hooked up at the moment (my passive preamp has no phono stage) , but the last time I did, had some of the experience you had, on records that I had not beat into the ground ( oh to have those again in pristine shape !). It is too late for me to go back ( all those records I gave away !). At the dawn of the cd era, I could hear that cd reproduction, while it had it's benefits , still had a way to go in some areas, I just thought that in a few years that would have been ironed out ... While some cds now sound incredible , LPs STILL sound "better" in the areas you describe .
Most Pop, and Jazz albums sound better, to my ear on vinyl . Some of it is that "euphonic distortion", that makes records sound "better" . With Classical, I think the benefits of cd are more important :lack of distortion, dynamic range, pitch stability, and the silence in quiet moments . Though it depends on the music, stings still sound better on LP .
Related to the Grateful Dead, one advantage cds, or files have over Lps is the limits of side length . Being able to hear that Dark Star suite from Live Dead, without having to get up and change the record is more than nice ( Though i still feel the cds of it never have captured the "magic" , tape hiss and all, of that Dark Star on vinyl ). And for Classical, the having to be able to sit through the Beethoven Symphony 9, wish side changes is a big plus ( indeed, the length of the cd was determined by that pice ).
This could go on and on . I had wished the higher resolution files thing, would become the norm, and not so high priced audiophile thing . The technology is there .